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Pray The Prayer Of Agreement With Us

Dear Christ Family And Friends: Due to family illness, we are suspending our blog and devotionals for, hopefully a short season. Anyone that has ordered books and have not received them, please be assured you will receive your books. If this is a first time visit to our ministry site, you are invited to visit […]

The Same Resurrection Power Dwells In You by Earma Brown

Same Resurrection Power In You

Jesus was in a village a little distance from Bethany where his three beloved friends, Martha, Mary and Lazarus lived. He was there teaching one day; everyone knew by now he was headed for Jerusalem. They also knew they wanted to kill him there. In fact, they were plotting and looking for an opportunity to […]


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  • Armorbearer God's Original Intent
    In these last days, the Spirit of the Lord has poured out a beautiful movement of helps for the body of Christ. He has used a word as simple as Armorbearers. In the Hebrew, it is translated, to help or assist. For the last decade or more, there has been a pretty big movement across […]
  • Your Conversational Right
    Are you speaking your kingdom language? I faithfully read the word of God. I live the word of God. I study the word of God; I mediate upon the word of God daily. I fellowship with the congregation using the word of God. So, as the word of God flows out of me, it flows […]