Earma&VarnHSRev. Varn Brown and Minister Earma Brown are Co-Founders of Nasa Ministries. (Nasa means help) Both Christian book authors and ministers of the Gospel, they have served and led small groups in the Ministry of Helps for over 20 years. They operated as armor-bearers and ministry assistants to the Founding Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes of Covenant Church in Texas for a number of years. Varn served fifteen years as a personal assistant to Pastor Hayes and his family. The Brown’s passion and anointing in serving their local church and community is contagious to people in a wonderful way.

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Varn Brown, Sr. and Earma Brown have written several books on healing the father wound, armorbearing, servant leadership, prayer and WOW! Women. To view titles or purchase those books, click here to visit our Nasa Online Bookstore

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