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Extravagant Worship

by Varn Brown
Extravagant Worship by Earma Brown

The Obed-Edom Factor King David and his heart toward his God in extravagant worship is a story worth telling. David decides again and gathers thirty thousand men in all together. He and his men set out to bring the Ark of the Covenant, which is called by the name, “The name of the Lord Almighty.” […]

The Signatures Of A Great Leader

by Varn Brown
The Signatures of a Great Leader by Varn Brown, Sr.

As a regular country boy I’m a bit predictable. I’ve always been that way. I usually will do things the same for years. One of those things that I like to do is have a fresh cup of coffee in the early mornings from McDonalds. I’m glad not to have to spend $4 at Starbucks […]

Heroes In Gods House 3 King And His Right Hand Man

by Earma Brown
The King and His Right Hand Man

Are you in agreement with your leader’s vision? If you are, that’s great. Every leader needs a team that follows and supports their vision of victory and success for their church. But for those of you who not quite there yet, here’s a perspective to think about. Remember, all Scripture is inspired by God and […]

Heroes In Gods House 2 Serve Strong

by Varn Brown
Heroes In God's House II: Serve Strong by Varn Brown, Sr.

In the early days of my wife and me serving as armor bearers, I must admit I was a bit strong (zealous) about my service. We had just finished a Wednesday night service and our leaders headed for the green room. The green room is where our pastor and guest prepare before they go into […]

Heroes In Gods House

by Earma Brown
Heroes In God's House by Earma Brown

HEROES IN GOD’S HOUSE Gideon And His Armor Bearer Purah In ancient days, the nation of Israel had sinned. The Midianites had oppressed them to grinding poverty. They came and destroyed their crops and everything else they could see during harvest time, leaving them nothing to live on. Then they came in and took over […]