The Character Of King David
by Varn Brown, Sr.

The Character Of King David by Varn Brown

Chapter Two

David The Warrior

Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward… —1 Samuel 16:13

The Philistines got ready for war and brought their troops together to attack the town of Socoh in Judah. They set up camp at Ephes-Dammim, between Socoh and Azekah. King Saul and the Israelite army set up camp on a hill overlooking Elah Valley, and they got ready to fight the Philistine army that was on a hill on the other side of the valley.

The Philistine army had a hero named Goliath who was from the town of Gath and was over nine feet tall. He wore a bronze helmet and had bronze armor to protect his chest and legs. The chest armor alone weighed about one hundred twenty-five pounds. He carried a bronze sword strapped on his back, and his spear was so big that the iron spearhead alone weighed more than fifteen pounds. A soldier always walked in front of Goliath to carry his shield.

Goliath went out and shouted to the army of Israel:

Why are you lining up for battle? I’m the best soldier in our army, and all of you are in Saul’s army. Choose your best soldier to come out and fight me! If he can kill me, our people will be your slaves. But if I kill him, your people will be our slaves. Here and now I challenge Israel’s whole army! Choose someone to fight me!

Saul and his men heard what Goliath said, but they were so frightened of Goliath that they couldn’t do a thing.

A Family Of Giants Defeated

King David is the first of a few to come that would be raised up to defeat the giants from Gath. These family of giants were birthed out of the enemy’s plan to defeat the armies of the Israelites. David was the first, so to speak ‘Giant Slayer.’ As we now know, it would take an anointing to defeat this stronghold of Gath and he had it!

This Goliath spirit would be the first to fall by the sword of David and his mighty men to come. If you notice before the battle, David was sent to deliver his brothers’ supplies and food from their father. The word of God says that, we should be ready in and out of season. David was and when he heard the enemies’ blasphemous chants, he responded…

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