Dear Christ Family And Friends:

Due to family illness, we are suspending our blog and devotionals for, hopefully a short season.
Anyone that has ordered books and have not received them, please be assured you will receive your books.

If this is a first time visit to our ministry site, you are invited to visit our article, blogĀ  and devotional archives, for a limited time.

For our long time family and friends of the ministry, this presents an opportunity for you to sow back into us. we believe it is God’s way to support his ordained ministries through his people, especially the recipients of His grace through us.

If our ministry has been a blessing to you, consider sending love offering, ongoing monthly support or by ordering from our ministry resource catalog at The Shield Shop.

Please know this is not a desperate plea to save our ministry.

We are hopeful and in great expectancy for our future. We have planned continued blogs, devotionals, podcasts, 2017 Ministry Of Helps Network, new books, magazine…

Thank you for reading. Be back soon.

Varn Brown & Earma Brown

Nasa Ministries

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