The Character Of King David (2 book set)

The Character Of King David by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

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The Character Of King David (2 book set)

The Character Of King David by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr. The Character Of King David by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

In the days of God’s first failed Jewish King Saul, he faithfully raised up a man of character, a man after his own heart to lead his people.

In Varn Brown’s fourth book, The Character Of King David, journey through the life of King David and marvel at the godly character displayed by David the worshipper, the warrior, the father, the man, the covenant man, the mighty man, the king, the anointed, the leader and the intercessor.

Inside this book, men and women seeking God’s heart, his will and his way are encouraged to more and more:

  • Cultivate the age-less God character.
  • Develop the giant slaying faith.
  • Learn to repent faster.
  • Pass the character tests of life.
  • Model God’s faithfulness with our own.

You will learn re-newed respect for the authorities in your life, live out loyalty that pass the tests of life, grow compassion, self-control, forgiveness, repentance, and leadership. Discover how we can cultivate the same strengths and avoid similar weaknessess in our modern Christian lives.

Find out where King David missed it big but bounced back and how we can too. Take the Character Test, so you can pinpoint specific character needs of yourself, new Christians and veterans of the faith. Most of all, discover the pathway to building foundational character and becoming the person God desires you to be, the person your family can be proud of and the person who, inside, you’ve wanted to be for God.

New Christians and veteran Christians alike will discover biblical principles that light a fire to pursue the Great Father God. The Character Of King David helps men and women grow into the people of God who glorify God in all they do. Rooted in Scripture, the book will be an inspiration to any women and men’s group or fathers’ ministry.

Varn Brown and his wife Earma Brown are Christian authors and ministers of the gospel. Varn, Christian Author of A Devotion to Serve, Healing The Wounds Of A Fatherless Generation, In The Spirit Of Leadership is an ordained second generation Baptist minister. He served as a Helps Ministry Leader and Armorbearer for twenty years at Covenant Church, Carrollton TX. He is co-founder of Nasa Ministries and Armorbearers International. Varn and Earma live in Dallas, Texas. They have two adult sons Varn Jr., Khrys, one daughter-in-law Jo and five grandchildren Adrianna, Myleigha, Imani, Vaylen, and Khrys Jr.

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WOW! Women Gift Collection by Earma Brown