The Prophetic Silenced by Rev. Varn Brown, Sr.

Have you noticed that there are still an inordinate amount of special vessel Saints going to glory? In my opinion, they’re going way too soon. Now, I want you to know that I’m not being insensitive about this matter because both of my parents went to glory way too soon. My mother, bless her soul, was in her mid-seventies. The last ten years of her life was spent in Dementia. My father, who ordained me, for ministry was only 64.

As many of you know, alcoholism was part of the culprit of him leaving us so soon. So, instead of insensitive, one can say, I’m a bit sensitive when speaking on this matter. But I must speak. I have seen too many powerful gifts in the kingdom of God, just leave this earth way too soon. You can just look at them and know that they had so much more that they could’ve given to the body of Christ before they left us.

Elijah’s perspective

During a down time of his life, Elijah’s perspective was that he was the only great man of God or Prophet left that had not bowed their knees to Baal. Now, the question is, where did he get that perspective from? For one, he was dealing with a people that were tossed between two opinions, which god would they serve? The God of Abraham or the god of Baal.

That’s exactly where we are in this day. Instead of, some of us honoring the gifts of God in the church, the fivefold ministry, the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher. (Ephesians 4:11) We are afraid of them and even persecute and ridicule them. Because of the lack of knowledge or the lack of seeking God, we miss the mark when we do this.

I was looking at a person’s blog post the other day and felt grieved. They were all Christians having a good time persecuting all of God’s gifts that are on the front lines in the kingdom of God today. They were making a big negative hoot about them. In my opinion, they were all talking like fools.

Now, what really gets me, it’s not like they haven’t read the Old Testament and saw what happens to the ones that spoke negative about God’s mighty men and women, the wrong way. Some were swallowed up by the earth, other were devoured by lions and for some fire from the sky fell upon them and were all consumed.

I would be very afraid

You could take David as an example. Almost all of his young days, he had to run from his wicked master who said on two occasion, I will pin David, son of Jesse, to the wall with my spear. Now, this was David’s master. But the Lord was faithful to his servant David and he eluded him every time. David’s confession would always be, “I will not touch God’s anointed,” even though King Saul was a wicked man. I think there are too many in the body of Christ agreeing with the enemy. You know siding with the accuser of the brethren and attacking our own leadership to their own demise.

Can you see what I see?

A part of the prophet’s gift is that they see what the Lord shows them. The word of God says it plainly that it is proof that the Lord is with them, when he shows them something and it is brought to pass. The action says that God is saying, that is a confirmation that I am doing this. But instead of us honoring God’s word and his gifts, we are disobedient and/or fearful because of a lack of knowledge. The most dangerous thing about this situation is, there are needless casualties in the body of Christ because of this very grave mistake. It just shouldn’t be!

The funny thing about this is

The mysterious thing about this is the man or woman of God doesn’t have anything to do with it, anyway. It (God’s choice) happened all before they were born. The word of God says about the Prophet Jeremiah, “I knew you before you were born.” Now, don’t get me wrong, we do have to agree with the cost that comes with this special call. Many are called but few are chosen. Meaning there are plenty that don’t answer that call because of the cost and the plain old persecution that comes with God’s ministry gifts.

Even so, we all know that God doesn’t repent of his gifts that are given to his children. I was thinking the other day, back in the Old Testament when dry seasons would come upon the earth and the people suffered because the heavens were closed and no one could hear from God. I just wonder if it was because the people’s heart that were not willing to listen anyway.

Here’s proof, name me one powerful man or woman of God, Prophet or Prophetess that was not persecuted and spoken about, as if they were crazy. Name one that wasn’t told to be quiet, stop with those messages about sin, about God and his call to repentance.

Remember, the Prophet Elijah’s perspective was that they were all dead and wanting to kill him, as well. That spirit is still alive. I hate to say it but it’s not only alive but active in the world today. People are still letting this spirit use them to try to silence the prophetic in the earth today.

This should not be! We must repent and support the gifts of God before another man or woman of God perishes because of lack of support and the heavens dry up. Meaning us not being able to hear from God through the ministry gifts because they’re gone.

Don’t forget these are God instructions. I can count a half dozen mighty servants with prophetic voices that have been silenced and gone to glory. We truly still needed them and their voice, a few are battling for their life even as we speak. I wouldn’t want to go to Heaven and the Lord says to me, why didn’t you support my fivefold gifts in the Church? Instead you persecuted them just like they did against Stephen when they stoned him to death. And the Lord stood in Heaven as he observed it and welcomed him.

Are you throwing stones and holding the coats?

We must repent before another one perishes. To operate in the gifts of God, live an exemplary life for God in a polluted world full of trouble is hard enough. It’s much harder when your brother, your sister, your neighbor is joining in on the badgering, harassing, slandering with the enemy. When you throw stones at men of God like T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Paula White, Bishop Long, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tillton and the list could go on, you are just hurting yourself. We are one body and their gifts are here to serve and benefit you. I’m not saying that they are all perfect or that anyone of them haven’t fallen short. But God is the judge of it all, that’s is where he rules. We all must give an account of our living on earth.

Here’s my warning

If you are one of those people that persecute these precious men and women of God, stop it. Stop it now, before it’s too late. You’ve been warned! Let God be the judge, not you and that includes me, too. Leaders in the kingdom of God will be judged more harshly, anyway. So, we must leave it all to God and his righteous judgments.

We must support them

Let’s pray, heavenly Father we ask you to forgive us for opening our mouths and actions against your special vessel servants. Instead of us, ridiculing them and complaining, we pray for them and lift them up before you in prayer, every man and woman of God you’ve appointed to the body of Christ. We esteem and pray for every Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher you’ve given to the church and the body of Christ. We humble ourselves; please forgive and restore us and our land, we pray in Jesus name, Amen!

Heal our land Lord,
Rev. Varn E Brown, Sr.

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